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#sassy heterosexual vessel

#what are you doing #what #what #what are you doing #so your just gonna have a gay crisis because you love a fucking angel in my body #NEWSFLASHHH #angels have no gender dickface #and there’s no shame in lusting after this fine ass #i’m straight *i* think i’m fucking sexy #get OVER it and suck some angel dick already #stupid bastard

#To Dean #From Jimmy

Can we appreciate how Castiel took one of the hottest vessels in the known Supernatural universe?

(Source: cannibal-hunter)


Okay, another thing you should never say to someone… “Are you really eating that?” 

Don’t say it. I know what I am eating. I want to enjoy what I am eating. Pointing out that I am eating I don’t like. I know I am eating. You telling me that is going to make me think “Oh, fuck” and it’s going to make me more self-conscious and make me not want to eat at all 

watch what you say and be nice to people no matter what they are eating or how they look, kay?

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